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Cameron Miller

Since 2012 I was a real estate agent serving the Toronto area. I was doing fine but I realized I wasn’t getting the business I wanted to – only from family and friends. I really wanted to change the lives of people outside of my sphere of influence, but I didn’t know how to do it.

So I joined a real estate team specializing in condos to learn the ropes of the market in 2014 and became top 3 in my office in sales out of over 80 agents. I felt like I was doing so well in my career but everytime I came home from work it just didn’t feel right. I lived in a tiny 500 square foot condo – I was tired of it. Plus my future fiance had plans to move in – where would she put her stuff? There definitely wasn’t room for both of us. And the conversation of growing a family would be awkward in the shoe box of a condo I lived in.

This is when my hunt began.

November 2016 I took the leap and bought a bigger home. Since I was a child I thought about this home purchase so It felt amazing to me! While going through the biggest move in my life everything became so clear to me…

I realized how emotional a real estate purchase can be. Not only that but I learned how smooth things can go if you have a good agent by your side keeping your emotions in check and keeping things organized so you have a stress free move. Yes that’s right, even I as a top real estate agent  needed my own agent to manage my move.

After this big purchase I made it my mission to serve people that are upsizing. Not only upsizing but growing a family. I feel like this is such a turning point in your life so you cannot cut corners, you gotta do it with confidence.

People like us have busy lives; people to see, places to go and work to do. The last thing we want to do is stress about something that should be a blessing.

The Level Up Method is years worth of tactics I’ve gathered over time that is proven to work for you. When listing your condo and buying a bigger home (or vice versa) I manage the whole move from start to finish and never leave you in the dark. I treat all my clients like I’d treat my own family. My goal for you is to enjoy this process from the moment we meet.

I would love to hear about more about your journey and how I can help. Feel free to book a call by clicking on the link below or if you prefer email you can reach me directly at

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